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How do I find my classroom?

Let's use B225 as an example class code. First, the B stands for which hallway your class is in. CHCI is, for the most part, a square, so most hallways will either be A, B, C, or D. The number after that stands for the floor, so 2 means it's on the second floor. The other two numbers don't have a particular significance other than the class number.

How do I know what day it is?

Take a look at the date on the calendar. If it's odd, it's day one. If it's even, it's day two.

How do I hear about events?

Listen to the announcements, check the calendar at chc.wrdsb.ca, or follow our Instagram @chciactivities.

How do I join a club?

You 'll get the chance to meet club execs and sign up for a bunch of clubs at the Club Fair in the first week of school. But the truth is, you can join most clubs at any time! Just check out their meeting time at https://chc.wrdsb.ca/activities/clubs/.

Is the caf expensive?

Most single items are under $5 and there are new deals every week

Are the teachers nice?

It's hard to predict whether you will get along with every one of your teachers, but mine have all been nice!

Will I have lots of homework?

Your homework amount will probably be a bit of an adjustment from what you had in middle school. But don't fret! Talk with your teachers, pay a visit to the student success room (226), or take advantage of the homework help system where students help students.

How do I book a guidance appointment?

You will be assigned a guidance counsellor based on your last name. To book an appointment online or in the guidance office, go to https://chc.wrdsb.ca/guidance/ and select your guidance counsellor to see their schedule and book your appointment.

How do I try out for a sports team?

Check out https://chc.wrdsb.ca/athletics/ at least a week before the season starts or follow @chcisports.

How long are classes?

Each class is 75 minutes or an hour and 15 minutes. However on assembly days each class is 55 minutes to 60 minutes long.

When is break/lunch?

It is from 10:50 am - 11:50 am during regular school days. And during assembley days it is from 11:20 am to 12:20pm.

How do I avoid getting lost?

Each floor has a colour scheme and a concentration of one type of class. For example, the 4th floor has mostly science classes, 3rd has mostly language classes, and there is a math and arts hallway in the basement.

Where do I buy spirit wear?

Spirt Wear can bought on School Day or at the Hub.

How much is a student card?

$30, but if you get one by Blitz Day, you'll get a discount! You can purchase one in the gym on Blitz Day, in the SAC office, or on School Day.

How much is a gym pass?

$35, but if you get one by Blitz Day, you'll get a discount! You can purchase one in the gym on Blitz Day, in the SAC office, or on School Day.

What is the dress code? Can I wear my hat?

The dress code can be found on page 13 of the CHCI Student Handbook and yes, hats are allowed as long as they're removed for O' Canada.

How is COVID-19 going to affect the school year?

Covid-19 has caused us to have many changes to our school, but we are doing our best to maintain a good school experience, whether it's in person or online.

Which of my courses will be IB?

In 9th grade, you will take Geography, English, Science, and French with other pre-IB students.

How expensive is IB?

If you are completing the full IB diploma then it will cost approximetly $3,200 in total. However the costs can be lower if you choose to do the partial program in which costs will be based on the number of IB courses you take in your grade 11 and 12 years. Financial suppourt is available for those in need through contacting your guidance councilor.

How can I become a club leader?

Becoming a club leader or excutive can be quite time demanding and requires a high level of responsibility. In order to become one you will have to apply when the positions become available and show that you are good fit for the role.

How can I get my volunteer hours?

Getting the 40 required volunteer hours is not as difficult as most make it out to seem if you work at steadily over your 4 years. You can volunteer at local food banks, shelters, and many other places. If you are having trouble finding places try using the volunteer action centre website to learn more about the volunteer opportunities in the area.